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Wissen is an institution that provides consultancy as know-how in information technology of Bahçeşehir University which is one of the most important educational institutions of Turkey. Having adopted the slogan “more than education” as its corporate culture, Wissen maintains the professionalism of Bahçeşehir University with thousands of people training every year. In this way, candidates make a successful career. Trainings are continuing as they are aware that the consultancy they have provided up to this time and their ongoing programs are extremely important in terms of the future and success of Turkey’s technological investments.

The aim of Wissen is to make candidates who are interested in information technology a well-trained and qualified person in this field and to move their knowledge-makers to a more productive level. At this point, the quality of the technologies that our country will produce will increase and high value-added jobs will emerge. For this purpose, Wissen has created partnerships with institutions such as People Cert, Autodesk, Samsung, Amazon and Cisco, which have increased their international agreements to the Gold Partner level by increasing their international agreements and detailed their partnerships as follows;

  • Microsoft: Wissen, Microsoft Gold Learning Partner, is currently working with Microsoft to become one of the two gold partners in Turkey. He is also an authorized learning partner on Dynamics CRM and AX.
  • Autodesk: Training continues as an authorized training center and an authorized testing center.
  • Amazon Web Services: As the only authorized training center in Turkey, companies are training in cloud computing infrastructures.
  • Android ATC: As the authorized training and testing center in Istanbul, we are continuing our Android training with laboratories established in cooperation with Samsung.
  • People Cert (ITIL): They continue to work as an authorized training and testing center.
  • Toon Boom: As the only authorized training center in Turkey, he continues his animation training.
  • CompTIA: They continue to work as an authorized training center.

With all this information and the needs of professional life, Wissen specializes in the following four areas:

  • Qualified Information Technology Specialist Training Program

Bahçeşehir University and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is a 100% state funded education of information technology expertise. Candidates who are not working with these graduates are 100% scholarship, receive Java Programming and Database Training, Microsoft Software and Database Training, Microsoft System and Network Training, Cisco Network Training, Microsoft Dynamics and ERP Training. During the training of the participants, universal health insurance is provided by the government. In addition, participants receive at least 60% of the participants at the end of the training, financially supported during the training period. With these trainings, the participants specialize in their fields technically. They get the chance to develop on the field such as project development, sector awareness, job finding competence. In addition, the participant is provided with free career counseling to provide job interview experience and guidance is provided at the end of the training.

  • Individual Trainings

With these trainings organized for candidates who want to create a better business perspective for themselves, people complete their chosen field expertise. . In this section, Wissen provides an approximately 2000 participants training advisories per year in the following areas;

• Introduction to Programming in C#
• Implementing Entity Framework With MSSQL
• Asp.Net MVC 5 Web Application Development
• Asp.Net WebForm Application Development
• Network Fundamentals and Windows 10 with Client Systems
• Microsoft Windows Server 2016
• Identity with Windows Server 2016 Security
• Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
• Java Standard Edition
• Java Enterprise Edition
• IOS Programming with Swift
• Android Programming
• Autocad
• 3D Studio Max
• Revit Architecture
• Amazon Web Services Technical Essentials (AWS)
• Architecting on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• System Operations on AWS
• Google Cloud Platform: Fundamentals

  • Corporate Trainings

Wissen adapts itself to changing technological developments with these large and medium-sized firms, which are organized in line with the goals and needs of companies. In this section, Wissen; Can Sigorta, Istanbul Bar, Danfoss, Ulaşım A.Ş, TEB, Albaraka Türk, Türk Telekom, Istanbul City Lines, Akbank, Süleyman Demirel University, HEGEM, PAVOTEK, Turkey Turing and Automobile Authority, Doğuş Otomotiv, ARÇELİK, Turpak A. Ş Obase Computer, Analytical Informatics, ETG, Hitachi, Microsoft, Softtech, Özyeğin University, Turkish Telecommunication Co., Turkey Turing and Automobile Authority, ARKAN ERGİN, THY DO CO, Çaykur, İTKİB, Berner A.Ş, Garanti Bank , And Supplementler.com.

  • CO-OP Trainings

These courses, organized by the CO-OP Directorate for the candidates who study at Bahcesehir University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, enable students to develop themselves in areas such as Android, iOS and Information Security. In this section, Wissen provides an average of 700-1000 training advisories per year in the following areas;

Advanced Developing Application for Android Devices

Cloud Computing and its Applications

Advanced Mobile Operating Systems& App.

Asp.Net MVC

Advanced Network Systems Engineering

Cross Platform Development

Front End Development

Cybersecurity Information Systems Security

3D Modelling & Designc

Mobile App. Development for Windows Phone

In recent years, Wissen has made high-level collaborations with the leading institutions of information. As the first learning partner in Turkey, Wissen has been a pioneer in many organizations in Turkey with its consultancy services in new areas such as web services and cloud computing, big data and information security. With Android labs built in partnership with Apple iSchool and Samsung, supported by cutting-edge technology, young app developers have created a unique incubation center environment. It has become a center for entrepreneurs with many candidates who set up their own company with the trainings they got from Wissen. In addition, TEB, Türk Telekom, Akbank, Turpak, Çaykur, THY Do-Co, Istanbul City Lines, Istanbul Transportation Inc. , Ziraat Bank, Koç Sistem and so on. , Have been awaiting Wissen’s allegation of corporate training consultation.

With the digital transformation that takes place in the long run, with the digital transformation taking place all over the world, we have to educate the population working with young candidates as professionals who do not exist today, who have not even heard it yet, but who will prepare them for the professions that will become needed over time and who will develop these technologies first.

As Wissen’s managing staff and consultants, we continue to work hard to create well-trained professionals who can create more productive and effective institutions.